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Big River Resources Boyceville, LLC

Big River Resources Boyceville- Rates/Policies   Boyceville Merchandising-   866-763-1749 (bids and grain sales)
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Discount Policies for 2017-18
Test Weight:                $.02 per pound from 53.99 to 50.0
                                    $.03 per pound from 49.99 to 48.0
                                    Less than 48 lbs subject to rejection
Moisture Shrink:        1.4% of contract price for each 1% above 15.0%
Drying Charge:          $.035 cents per bushel per point over 15% to 20%
                                    $.03 cents per bushel per point over 20%
                                    Will be broken down to the 1/10th of a point
BCFM:                       $.02 per point from 3.01% to 7.0%
                                    $.03 per point from 7.1% to 10.0%
                                    Over 10% subject to rejection
Damage:                     $.02 per point from 5.01% to 10.0%
                                    Over 10% subject to rejection
Heat Damage:            $.01 each 1/10th of 1% from 0.2% to 3.0%
                                    Over 3% subject to rejection
Corn that is found to be musty, heating, sour or possessing commercially objectionable odor may be rejected.  Corn containing 2 or more live weevils or 10 or more grain insects are subject to rejection.  Corn containing rodent or bird contamination, stones, glass, or other commercially undesirable foreign material will be rejected.  If accepted, the following discounts will apply: 
Musty:                         10c
Sour:                           10c
Heating or Hot:          10c
COFO:                       10c
Infested:                      10c
Mycotoxin:                 subject to rejection or current market scale of discounts
DLQ                            10c     
All rates listed above are subject to change without notice
 Thank you for your business, We Appreciate It.











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